aluminum carbide Al4C3 powder CAS 1299-86-1

Aluminum carbide is a green-gray powder with a molecular formula of Al4C3,used in metallurgy and catalysts.</br> Particle size:-325</br> mesh Purity:99%</br>

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Overview of aluminum carbide Al4C3 powder:

Aluminum carbide Al4C3 powder is an inorganic compound with the molecular formula Al4C3.Yellow or green gray crystal block or powder,hygroscopic.It decomposes at high temperatures and decomposes into methane and aluminum hydroxide in cold water.Al4C3 has a hexagonal crystal structure.Aluminum carbide with the chemical formula Al4C3 is a carbide of aluminum.Its appearance is pale yellow to brown crystals.Stable at temperatures up to 1400°C.It decomposes in water to produce methane.

Aluminum carbide Al4C3 powder has an unusual crystal structure consisting of alternating Al2C and Al2C2 layers.Each aluminum atom is matched with 4 carbon atoms to form a tetrahedral arrangement.Carbon atoms exist in two different binding environments.One is a deformed octahedron with 6 Al atoms at 217 pm.The other is a twisted triangular bipyramid structure with 4 Al atoms at 190-194 pm and a fifth Al atom at 221 pm.

A small amount of aluminum carbide is a common impurity in industrial calcium carbide.In the electrolytic manufacture of aluminum,aluminum carbide is formed as a corrosion product of graphite electrodes.

In metal matrix composites based on an aluminum matrix reinforced with non-metal carbides (silicon carbide,boron carbide,etc.)or carbon fibers,aluminum carbide is often formed as a poor product.For carbon fiber,it will react with the aluminum matrix at a temperature higher than 500°C;for example,better fiber wettability and chemical reaction inhibition can be achieved by coating the fiber with calcium carbonate.A large amount of aluminum carbide is usually available immediately.Carbides are compounds in which the anion is one or more carbon atoms.Although not all,most metals form carbides:for example, indium and gallium do not.Like diamonds(a pure carbon substance),carbides tend to be very hard,fire-resistant,wear-resistant,corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant,so they are very suitable for use as a coating on drill bits and other tools.They usually combine toughness with other valuable properties such as electrical conductivity,low thermal expansion and wear resistance.

Aluminum carbide Al4C3 powder is produced by the direct reaction of aluminum and carbon in an electric arc furnace.

4 Al+3 C→Al4C3

Other reactions start with alumina, but they are not very advantageous due to the production of carbon monoxide.

2 Al2O3+9 C→Al4C3+6 CO

Silicon carbide also reacts with aluminum to form Al4C3.This conversion limits the mechanical applications of SiC because Al4C3 is more brittle than SiC.

4 Al+3 SiC→Al4C3+3 Si

In aluminum matrix composites reinforced with silicon carbide,the chemical reaction between silicon carbide and molten aluminum forms a layer of aluminum carbide on the silicon carbide particles,which reduces the strength of the material,although it increases the wettability of the SiC particles.This tendency can be reduced by coating the silicon carbide particles with a suitable oxide or nitride,pre-oxidizing the particles to form a silicon dioxide coating or using a sacrificial metal layer.

Aluminum-aluminum carbide composite materials can be made by mechanical alloying and mixing aluminum powder and graphite particles.

Aluminum carbide Al4C3 powder application:

What are the application areas of aluminum carbide Al4C3 powder?

Aluminum carbide Al4C3 powder is used in metallurgy,catalyst and methane production. In addition,typical applications of aluminum carbide include:

1.The finely dispersed aluminum carbide particles in the aluminum matrix can reduce the creep tendency of the material,especially when used in combination with silicon carbide particles.

2.Aluminum-aluminum carbide composite materials can be made by mechanical alloying,grinding aluminum powder and graphite particles together.

3.Aluminum carbide can be used as abrasive in high-speed cutting tools.Its hardness is almost the same as that of topaz.

4.Aluminum carbide is also used in fireworks,for example,to achieve the effect of fireflies.

Aluminum carbide Al4C3 powder price:

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