Silicon hexaboride SiB6 powder CAS 12008-29-6

Glossy black-gray powder,relative density 3.0g/cm3,melting point 2200℃. It is insoluble in water,resistant to oxidation,thermal shock,and chemical attack,especially with high strength and stability under thermal shock.The grinding efficiency is higher than that of boron carbide,</br> Chemical formula:SiB6 Purity> 99%</br> Particle size:20-40um</br>

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Six silicon boride SiB6 powder overview:

Silicon hexaboride SiB6 powder is a shiny black-gray powder,molecular formula: SiB6,molecular weight: 92.952 nanometer silicon boride has high purity,small particle size distribution,high specific surface area.The melting point is as high as 2230°C.It is insoluble in water,anti-oxidation,and Chemical corrosion has high resistance,especially in terms of high thermal shock and stability;silicon boride has a higher grinding efficiency than boron carbide and can be used as abrasives,grinding and engineering ceramics,such as nozzles,gas turbine blades and other different sintering The conditions and sealing coil gathering affect the dispersion performance and use effect of SiB6 powder.Therefore,silicon boride SiB6 powder should be sealed in a vacuum package and stored in a cool and dry room.Silicon boride SiB6 powder should not be exposed to the air.In addition,Should avoid using SiB6 powder under pressure.

What are the crystal structures of Six silicon boride SiB6 powder hexaboride?

The Six silicon boride SiB6 powder crystal structure includes interconnected icosahedrons (polyhedrons with 20 faces), icosahedral hexahedrons (polyhedrons with 26 faces), and isolated silicon and boron atoms. Compared with hexaboride, it is metastable. However, since crystal nucleation and growth are relatively easy, they can be prepared.

When heated in air or oxygen, the surface of Six silicon boride SiB6 powder is oxidized and corroded by boiling sulfuric acid and fluorine, chlorine and bromine at high temperatures. Silicon boride is conductive. The coefficient of thermal expansion of hexaborides is low, and the nuclear cross section of thermal neutrons is large.

Silicon hexaboride SiB6 powder application:

What are the applicable scopes of silicon hexaboride SiB6 powder?

What are the uses of silicon hexaboride SiB6 powder? Silicon hexaboride SiB6 powder can be used as a variety of standard abrasives,grinding cemented carbides.It is also used as engineering ceramic materials,sandblasting nozzles,manufacturing gas engine blades and other special-shaped sintered parts and seals.It is used as an antioxidant for refractory materials.

1.Silicon boride SiB6 powder Used as various standard abrasives and grinding cemented carbides;

2. Silicon boride SiB6 powder Used as engineering ceramic material, used as various standard abrasives, and grind cemented carbide.

3.Silicon boride SiB6 powder can also be used as engineering ceramic materials, sandblasting nozzles, manufacturing blades of gas engines and other special-shaped sintered parts and seals.

4. Silicon boride SiB6 powder can be used as an antioxidant for refractory materials.

Silicon hexaboride SiB6 powder price:

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Suppliers of silicon hexaboride SiB6 powder:

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