Nickel Boride Ni2B Powder CAS 12619-90-8

Nickel Boride, the chemical formula is Ni2B. Nickel Boride is a chemical compound of nickel and boron. It is one of the borides of nickel.<br/> Purity: >99%<br/> Particle Size: 325 mesh<br/>

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Overview of nickel boride Ni2B powder:

Nickel boride is a chemical compound of nickel and boron, and its molecular formula is Ni2B. It is one of the borides of nickel. The formula "Ni2B" and the name "nickel boride" are generally used for nickel-boron catalysts obtained by reacting a nickel salt with sodium borohydride. 

Nickel boride catalysts can reduce unsaturated ethers, alcohols, aldehydes, esters, amines and amides to corresponding saturated compounds without hydrogenation. Unsaturated nitriles can be reduced to primary amines, while the epoxide remains unchanged. In addition to sodium borohydride, dimethoxyborane (Meo) 2BH4 or lithium borohydride LiBH4 can also be reacted with nickel chloride to obtain a nickel boride catalyst for this type of reaction. It is worth emphasizing that only NiCl2 exhibits catalytic activity in the combined catalytic reduction of 2-methylquinoline with various transition metal salts (such as CoCl2, NiCl2, CuCl2, CrCl3 and sodium borohydride).

Application of nickel boride Ni2B powder:

What is the scope of application of nickel boride ni2b powder?

The nickel boride catalyst is prepared by reacting nickel chloride NiCl2 with a borohydride reagent (such as sodium borohydride NaBH4). It can be used for selective hydrogenation reaction, desulfurization reaction, dehalogenation reaction, hydrolysis reaction and reduction of nitro group and other functional groups.

The nickel boride catalyst prepared by the reaction of NiCl2 and NaBH4 can also be used for the desulfurization reaction. Compared with the Raney nickel catalyst used in the traditional desulfurization reaction, higher yield can be obtained, and the shortcomings of Raney nickel such as strong alkali, flammability, and sensitivity to air and moisture can be avoided.

In addition, thioamides, sulfides and sulfides can all be desulfurized under the catalysis of nickel boride to obtain corresponding hydrocarbons. In the presence of nickel boride, primary, secondary and tertiary aliphatic nitro compounds can be reduced to amines.

The combination of NiCl2/NaBH4 can also achieve dehalogenation and hydrolysis reactions, reducing many α-bromoketones to ketones, or dibromoketones to alkenes, and reducing benzyl, allyl and propargyl esters to The corresponding alkanes.

Nickel boride Ni2B powder price:

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Supplier of nickel boride Ni2B powder:

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