Iron boride FeB powder CAS 12006-84-7

Iron boride is an iron boride with a chemical formula of FeB and a molecular weight of 66.66. Iron boride is gray orthogonal rhombic crystal, melting point is 1652℃, density is 7.15g/mL.<br/> Purity>99<br/> Particle size: 20-40um<br/>

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Overview of iron boride FeB powder:

Iron boride (FeB) is a gray powder and is insoluble in water. FeB is harder than Fe2B, but it is more fragile and more likely to break on impact. Feb is a soft ferromagnetic compound that becomes paramagnetic at temperatures above 325°C (617°F). FeB powder begins to react with ambient oxygen above 300°C in the air. Although a large amount of FeB material is expected to remain stable in air, FeB is a very hard compound (measured by the Vickers indentation method at 15-22 GPa), which is not ideal for bonded steel , Because the FeB layer is fragile and easy to peel off steel or iron.

FeB has a zigzag chain of boron atoms coordinated by seven iron atoms. The boron atom has a slightly twisted single-ended triangular triangular prism iron atom ligand and two boron atom neighborhoods. The BB single bond distance is 178 PM, the Fe-B single bond distance is 215-220 PM, and the Fe-Fe single bond distance is 240-272 PM. Each triangular prism shares two rectangular faces with nearby prisms, thus forming an infinite prism sequence.

FeB single crystals are occupied by bond domains. The binding domain is parallel to the easy magnetization axis and perpendicular to the hard magnetization axis. The structure of the closed domain is described as "starred rows and twists". The key field has a clear direction on the boundary of the main field, while the closed field is diamond-shaped.

Application of iron boride FeB powder:

Iron-based coatings have recently received attention due to their mechanical, friction, and corrosion resistance. Compared with the types of ceramics or cermets used by humans before, iron-based materials are relatively cheap, less strategic, and  iron boride FeB powder can be produced economically by a variety of thermal methods, and are easy to manufacture and process.

Iron boride is generally used to improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and oxidation resistance.

Iron boride is used in oil and gas refineries, chemical extraction, automotive, agriculture, stamping, textile extrusion and injection molding industries.

The price of iron boride FeB powder:

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Suppliers of iron boride FeB powder:

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