Calcium Hexaboride CaB6 CAS 12007-99-7

Calcium hexaboride(sometimes called calcium boride)is a compound of calcium and boron with the chemical formula CaB6. It is an important material due to its high conductivity,hardness, chemical stability and melting point.<br/> Purity:99.5%<br/> Granular powder<br/>

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Overview of calcium hexaboride CaB6 powder:

Calcium hexaboride(calcium boride)is a compound of calcium and boron, the chemical formula is CaB6.Because of its high conductivity,hardness, chemical stability and melting point,it is an important material. It is black, shiny,chemical Inert low-density powder. It has the typical cubic structure of six metal borides and has an octahedral unit of six boron atoms and calcium atoms.

In the past,due to various special physical properties(such as superconductivity,valence fluctuations and Kondo effect),people have studied CaB6.However, the most significant feature of CaB6 is its ferromagnetism.It occurs at unexpectedly high temperatures(600K)And low magnetic moment.The origin of high-temperature ferromagnetism is the ferromagnetic phase of dilute electron gas, which is related to the assumed exciton state in calcium boride or external impurities on the sample surface.Impurities may include iron and nickel,which may come from Impurities in boron used to prepare the sample.

CaB6 is insoluble in H2O,MeOH(methanol)and EtOH(ethanol),and slowly soluble in acid.Its microhardness is 27 GPa,Knoop hardness is 2600 kg/mm2),Young's modulus is 379 GPa,pure crystal The resistivity is greater than 2·1010Ω·m.CaB6 is a semiconductor with an estimated energy gap of 1.0 eV.The low half-metal conductivity of many CaB6 samples can be explained by accidental doping caused by impurities and possible non-stoichiometry.

The composite material of porous calcium borate and metal current collector is used as the cathode,and the insoluble conductive material is used as the anode.The electrolysis is performed in a molten salt electrolyzer at 500-750°C.The molten salt electrolyte used contains a halide corresponding to a metal that can chemically reduce calcium borate. The voltage applied by electrolysis is sufficient to reduce calcium borate,but not enough to decompose the molten salt electrolyte.The reduction product on the cathode is taken out from the electrolytic cell,washed with water, acid washed to remove impurities, and dried to obtain the product.

Application of calcium hexaboride CaB6 powder:

What are the uses of calcium hexaboride CaB6 powder?

1.Used as a boron-containing additive for dolomite charcoal and magnesium dolomite charcoal refractories,which can resist oxidation,corrosion and improve thermal strength.

2.Used as a deoxidizing and degassing agent for high conductivity copper to improve conductivity and strength.

3.Used as a new material to prevent neutrons in the nuclear industry.

4.Used as a new type of semiconductor material in spintronic components with a temperature of 900K.

5.Used as a raw material for the manufacture of boron trichloride(BCl3)and amorphous boron.

6.Used as a raw material for manufacturing high-purity metal borides(TiB2, ZrB2, HfB2, etc.)and high-purity boron alloys(Ni-B, Co-B,Cu-B, etc.).

7.It is used to manufacture a mixture of calcium boron nitride(Ca3B2N4)and hexagonal boron nitride containing a catalyst,and to produce cubic boron nitride with excellent properties.

Storage conditions of calcium hexaboride CaB6 powder: damp clusters will affect the dispersion performance and use effect of CaB6 powder.Therefore, calcium hexaboride CaB6 powder should be sealed in a vacuum package and stored in a cool and dry room. Calcium hexaboride Can not be exposed to the air. In addition,avoid using CaB6 powder under stress.

Calcium hexaboride CaB6 powder price:

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