Tanki New Materials Co.Ltd provides high purity and safe nano materials that can be used in agriculture.

In recent years,due to the wide application of nanotechnology in many fields such as medicine, medical drugs,catalysis,energy and materials,it has attracted widespread attention.Those nanoparticles ranging from small size to large surface area (1-100 nm) have a variety of potential functions.Today,sustainable agriculture is needed.The development of nanochemicals seems to have become a promising agent for plant growth,fertilizers and pesticides.In recent years,the use of nanomaterials has been considered as an alternative solution to control plant pests,including insects,fungi and weeds.Several nanomaterials are used as antimicrobial agents in food packaging, and several nanoparticles such as silver nanomaterials are of great interest.According to reports,many nanoparticles (Ag,Fe,Cu,Si,Al,Zn,ZnO,TiO2,CeO2,Al2O3 and carbon nanotubes) in addition to antibacterial properties,also have adverse effects on plant growth.In the food industry,nanoparticles are in a leading position in forming foods of high quality and good nutritional value.

Tanki New Materials Co.Ltd has developed new nano technology to provide super fine nanoparticles for agriculture application purpose.If you are looking for nano materials for agriculture,please feel free to browse our product category and send an inquiry for the latest price.