3D printing Ti6Al4V powder TC4 powder

TC4 can be used in the manufacture of aerospace parts, maintenance of aero engine blades and other parts, and medical equipment.</br> Purity:99%</br> Particle size:0-20μm,15-45μm,15-53μm,53-105μm,53-150μm,105-250μm</br>

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3D printing Ti6Al4V powder TC4 powder overview:

TC4 titanium alloy is one of the most widely used titanium alloys.It has high strength and good corrosion resistance,but it is difficult to see seamless titanium tubes made of TC4 in the seamless titanium tube market at home and abroad.3D printing Ti6Al4V powder TC4  titanium material is mainly plate material,and TC4 pipe material on the market is mainly high-strength thick-walled pipe produced by hot extrusion or oblique perforation.

The main reason for this situation is the high strength of 3D printing Ti6Al4V powder TC4  titanium alloy and the difficulty of cold rolling forming.In order to solve the key technology of TC4 seamless tube cold-rolling forming,a series of researches were carried out jointly by schools and enterprises.For example, the direct cold-rolling forming process is used to produce high-strength titanium alloy pipes, which not only greatly reduces the production cost, but also meets the requirements for high-performance titanium alloy applications.

The group bai of 3D printing Ti6 titanium alloy TC4 material becomes Ti-6Al-4V, which belongs to the(αdu+β)type titanium alloy,and has good comprehensive mechanical properties.

The strength of TC4 sb=1.012GPa, the density g=4.51g/cm3,the specific strength sb/g=23.5,and the specific strength sb/g of alloy steel is less than 18.Titanium alloy has low thermal conductivity.The thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is 1/5 that of iron and 1/10 that of aluminum.The thermal conductivity of 3D printing Ti6Al4V powder TC4 is l=7.955W/m·K.

3D printing Ti6Al4V powder TC4 powder application:

What are the uses of 3D printing Ti6Al4V powder TC4 powder? In the mid-1960s,titanium and its alloys have been used in general industry to make electrodes in the electrolysis industry,condensers in power stations,heaters for petroleum refining and desalination,and environmental pollution control devices.Titanium and its alloys have become a kind of corrosion-resistant structural materials.It is also used to produce hydrogen storage materials and shape memory alloys.

3D printing Ti6Al4V powder TC4  powder is now mainly used in aviation,aerospace, automotive,shipbuilding,energy and other industries.

Aerospace: Jet Engine Components

Manufacturing: Industrial Turbines

Car: muffler

Medical: Implants, artificial bones

In petrochemical industry: Among most inorganic salts, TC4 titanium rods are completely inert and have excellent corrosion resistance. For example, in the production of electrolytic MnO2, the electrolyte is a neutral MnSO4 solution, which requires the electrode to have the ability to resist sulfate corrosion. Telegraphs made of lead alloys and graphite did not work well. After switching to titanium, the anode is not corroded and becomes a semi-permanent device.

TC4 titanium alloy bars have excellent corrosion resistance in almost all organic acids and organic media except formic acid and oxalic acid. In addition to methanol, titanium is also resistant to corrosion by organic alcohols, aldehydes and ketones.

3D printing Ti6Al4V powder TC4 powde price:

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