3D metal printing CoCrMo powder CAS 105525-46-0

Product specifications:0-45 μm,0-53 μm,15-45 μm,15-53 μm,45-105 μm.(All kinds of granular metal powder can be customized according to customer requirements).</br> Chemical composition(weight %): Type Cr W Si Fe Mn Co CoCrW 26.5-29.0 7.0-9.0 1.2-1.9 ≤0.6 ≤0.4 Bal.</br>

Product Details

Overview of 3D metal printing CoCrMo powder:

3D metal printing  CoCrMo is one of the Stellite alloys.Stellite is a hard alloy that can withstand various types of wear,corrosion and high temperature oxidation.The so-called cobalt-based alloy. Stellite was originally a binary cobalt-chromium alloy,Later developed into the cobalt-chromium-tungsten ternary composition.Cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloy is an alloy with cobalt as the main component,which contains a large amount of chromium, tungsten and a small amount of nickel,molybdenum,silicon,carbon,niobium,tantalum and other alloying elements,Sometimes containing iron.According to the different components in the alloy,they can be made into welding wire,powder for hard surface welding,thermal spraying, spray welding and other processes,and can also be made into castings and forgings and powder metallurgy parts.

Application of 3D metal printing CoCrMo  powder:

What are the applicable scope of 3D metal printing CoCrMo powder?

Cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy is widely used in locomotive diesel engines,nuclear power plant valves,marine diesel engines and various aircraft.

Early cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloys were produced through non-vacuum melting and casting processes.Later developed alloys(such as Mar-M509 alloy)were produced through vacuum melting and vacuum casting because they contained more active elements such as zirconium and boron.

In general,cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloys lack coherent strengthening phases.Although the strength is low at moderate temperatures(only 50-75% of nickel-based alloys),it has higher strength at 980°C and good resistance.Thermal fatigue and heat corrosion resistance.It has abrasion resistance and has good weldability.It is suitable for manufacturing nozzle guide vanes and nozzle guide vanes for aviation jet engines,industrial gas turbines,naval gas turbines and diesel engine nozzles.

3D printing metal powder characteristics:additively manufactured metal powder, high sphericity,smooth surface,fewer satellite balls,low oxygen content,uniform particle size distribution,good fluidity and high bulk density and tap density.

Applicable process:CoCrW 3D printing metal powder can be used for laser/electron beam additive manufacturing(SLM/EBM),powder metallurgy(PM),spraying, welding and other processes.

Applicable equipment:3D printing supply can be used for various types of metal 3D

Printers,including British Renishaw,German EOS(EOSINT M series),Concept Laser, American 3D system,laser melting equipment and

Domestic research institutions and enterprises.Research and develop selected laser melting equipment,such as Huaying High-Tech,Platinum,etc.

Powder application:the powder is mainly used for 3D printing in biomedicine

Materials such as teeth,human body brackets and artificial joints.

The price of 3D metal printing CoCrMo  powder:

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Supplier of 3D metal printing CoCrMo  powder:

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